• You can find my professional writing on Looper and SVG, where I cover movies, TV, video games, and whatever drama Twitch has summoned up from the depths of the human psyche this month.


  • I am currently (in theory) seeking representation for one novel:

Midnight in a Cold Shower

While his best friends Felicia and Mary are planning their wedding, Andrew is sleeping walking through his quarter-life crisis. Literally. Andrew spends his days behind the counter of Yorke’s last video rental store, dreaming up screenplays and plans of escape from his home town, but when a series of mysterious deaths rolls through Andrew’s neighborhood, he finds a new reason – or compulsion – to stay. With the help of a psychic violin prodigy, a mad scientist, and the ghost living at his local Waffle House Andrew might be able to put an end to the murders and his own ennui.


  • And I am hard at work (also in theory) on my next project:

In Between Endings

Lucy Lee has just as many problems as any twenty-three year old with a passion for life. She’s worried that her job is sucking her soul. She’s figuring out whether she’s more in love with her best friend Makenna or her band’s guitarist Ian. Oh, and she’s got to keep up a grueling daily ritual routine and wreak nightly havoc on her liver just to prevent a cosmic death god from whispering it’s plans for the apocalypse into her ear. Back when Lucy was sixteen, she thought practicing magick was pretty cool, but now it’s old hat, and she’s tired. Unfortunately, a late night text from her ex is about to unleash a shitstorm of magickal chaos and set Lucy and her friends up for a confrontation with a billionaire cult leader.